Saturday, December 25, 2010

Superb Christmas Day

Finally got chance to see all the deco for the Christmas around KL Mall.Thx to Arun,Kumudha and Adai,finally got chance to see all those deco's.Our first detination is Alamanda whice is on Christmas Eve.

But more adventure was awaiting us on Christmas Day.Our first place on Christmas,is Mid Valley.After breakfast,start out photography sessions.Deco was superb.Mid Valley deco was more to toys.

Second time it seems....

Our next stop is Sungei Wei.Looks there not much deco,but we manage to catch some.It was simple but awesome.

After this place,went for other mall,but cannot find any interesting deco's.I think around 2 or 3 mall.Finally our final stop was Pavilion.The entrance already was superb and managed to take some pics.

This just entrance.

First entrance before the grand one.

The grand one from up.
The "crowd"ness of people inside Pavillion

Some shop with light reindeer.


From top floor to the main entrance.

At Comic Dress Shop.Manage to take pic wif Batman and car.

It was cool scene

Reindeer with sleigh.

 Now it it the 'finale' time.Time was at 8pm.Pavilion was having some special stuff for people.It is Snow.We maybe not real snow but just foam.Still the feel was under the snow.It was at the entrance of Mall with 'crowd'ness of people.

Winter Season Tree replica.

Before 'Snow' time.was waiting for 30mins.

Snow start to drop.




And Snow.

Just foam,but at least small experience.lolx.

Finally before back,some last pics in front Pavilion.

Never had experience b4.Was really enjoyed the day.Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Jeeva, nice blog.. Neway, u missed the photo in Fahrenheit 98... The tower made wif cd.... :-)